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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Trusted Media Summit charge an entry fee?

No. The summit is free-to-attend, however you do need an invitation. 


How do I know if I am an attendee of the summit?

Anyone may register their interest to attend the 2023 APAC Trusted Media Summit but due to limited seating capacity the organizer is only extending invitations to successful applicants. The organizer will send out an email to guests with details to confirm their attendance. If you received an invitation seeking you to confirm your seat, that means you are an attendee! You may choose to decline the invitation by emailing the organizer to release your seat to a colleague instead. If the organizer does not hear back from you, they will release your seat to others. 


I received an invitation as a guest to the summit, do I need to sort out my travel arrangements?

Yes, the organizer does not cover travel for attendees. Attendees will need to manage their own travel arrangements. Please read your invitation email carefully for instructions and guidance on making travel plans to Singapore. 


Will this year’s summit be aired online?

No. This is a fully in-person summit.


Who will be speaking at the summit?

We will release information on keynote speakers and the agenda at a later date. Stay tuned!


Can I be a speaker?

Only attendees can apply to be a speaker, which is subject to the organizer’s approval. If you would like to attend the summit, please register your interest


What is the organizer looking for in speakers?

The summit has traditionally showcased interesting projects, work done by the community at the grassroots level. It helps if you are a good public speaker, have an amazing project or topic and know how to keep to time! Proficiency in English is preferred but not mandatory.


What can I expect from the summit?

This is a 2-day summit happening from Dec 2-3, 2023. It will feature different works and discussion on multiple topics across several tracks. For a better glimpse of what this year’s summit holds, take a look at previous years’ content. There will be classroom-sized workshops held on Dec 1, 2023 that are by-application only for summit attendees. 


What are Singapore’s entry requirements?

All guests entering Singapore will need to apply for an arrival card online (no cost). Please note the arrival card is not a visa. To apply for a visa, please check the requirements here. Attendees are required to manage their own visa application and cost. 

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