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Agenda: Sept 20 Virtual Summit

16:00 SGT  | 13:30 IST
Welcome to the APAC Trusted Media Summit 2022!
Irene Jay Liu & Trinna Leong, Google News Lab
"Searching for Our North Star"
16:10 SGT  |  13:40 IST
The Community
Trust in Media in the Asia-Pacific
Nic Newman, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Insights from the 2022 Reuters Institute Digital Report about the state of trust, misinformation and news audience behavior in the Asia-Pacific region.

Around the Region
Summer Chen, Taiwan FactCheck Center
Daisuke Furuta, Google News Lab
Dilrukshi Handunnetti, Center for Investigative Reporting Sri Lanka
Yvonne T. Chua, University of the Philippines
Raimundos Oki, The Oekusi Post

Taiwan: Pelosi's Visit

Japan: Assassination of Shinzo Abe

Sri Lanka: Government Collapse

Philippines: Presidential Election

The Cost of Truth in Timor-Leste

Elevator Pitch: Sharpen your digital investigation skills with the AFP
Sophia Xu, AFP

AFP recently launched an e-learning platform for journalists and journalism students to sharpen their skills at no cost.

16:50 SGT  |  14:20 IST
Keynote Address: The Battle For Facts
Maria Ressa, Rappler, 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

As a global community of truth-tellers, we must join hands to rebuild trust and win the battle for facts. Maria will share about how #FactsFirstPH built a movement ahead of the Philippines elections, and shares lessons learned for all who will face elections in the years to come.

Live Q&A with Maria Ressa
Maria Ressa, Rappler, 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Irene Jay Liu, Google News Lab
Challenges and Opportunities for News and Information Education (N&IE) in Asia
Hannah Perry, Love Frankie

The Asian Network of News and Information Educators (ANNIE) and Love Frankie share findings from their research into the development of news and information literacy across APAC.

Elevator Pitch: Scale-up your fact-checking & engage your audience with Check
Shalini Joshi, Meedan

Introducing Check, Meedan's software that supports counter-misinformation projects around the world.

Surveying the Masses: Studying the Efficacy of Fact-Checking in Japan
Shinichi Yamaguchi, The Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan

Innovation Nippon surveyed 10,000 people to better understand the impact of misinformation and effectiveness of fact-checking in Japan. These are the results.

17:20 SGT  |  14:50 IST
# fyp The Influencer Era
Influencer Tips for Debunking Misinformation
Michelle Wong, Lab Muffin Beauty Science

How to give your fact-based information a fighting chance on social media against algorithm-friendly.

Striking the Balance: Influencer Marketing & Countering Misinfo
Jared Kong, Gushcloud International US

How influencer marketing firm Gushcloud balances effective influencer/ content marketing and the need to counter misinformation and prevent the politicization of narratives on social media.

How A Factchecker Became an Influencer
Peerapon Anutarasoat, & Jirapat Suwannapan Sure And Share Center

Peerapon Anutarasoat and Jirapat Suwannapan of MCOT Sure and Share describe how they turned a fact-checking TV segment into a bonafide multi-platform influencer with 1.3M TikTok followers and 258K YouTube subscribers.

Live Q&A with Peerapon Anutarasoat and Michelle Wong
Peerapon Anutarasoat, Sure And Share Center
Michelle Wong: Lab Muffin Beauty Science
Trinna Leong: Google News Lab
Government x Influencer Collabs: Implications for Anticorruption and Democracy
Adnan Topan Husodo, Indonesia Corruption Watch

Indonesia Corruption Watch shares findings from their report detailing how the government pays influencers to promote government policies/narratives.

17:45 SGT  |  15:25 IST
TikTok Digital Literacy Hub in Southeast Asia
Kyu Kyu Thein, TikTok

TikTok has launched the Digital Literacy Hub, a one-stop portal that anchors all of TikTok's educational initiatives around mental wellbeing, cyber wellness, minor safety, potentially dangerous online challenges, and other digital literacy topics.

Community Crowdsourcing on WhatsApp to Source Misinformation
Aya Lowe, Meta

Strategies for fact-checkers to harness the power of community in flagging misinfo on WhatsApp.

Prebunking: Building Misinformation Resilience at Scale
Jon Roozenbeek, University of Cambridge

Finding scalable solutions to online misinformation continues to pose a significant challenge. A new study shows that short "prebunking" (preemptive debunking) videos, rolled out as YouTube ads, are highly effective at improving people's ability to spot manipulation.

Elevator Pitch: Supercharge your Visual Fact Checks
Fergus Bell, Fathm

Introducing Fathm Studio. With our tried and tested content production methodology, we create accessible, bespoke video and image content that audiences can rely on.

Elevator Pitch: Deepen Your Knowledge of Deepfakes
Sam Gregory, WITNESS

Witness is organizing a series of deep-dives into the ethics, journalistic uses and detection of deepfakes. Join Witness in November to learn more about this emerging field.

Fireside Chat with a Zoomer
Nick Cheam, Student
Trinna Leong,
 Google News Lab

Gen Z seeks news and information on new platforms and in different formats. Advice from a fact-checking-inclined teen.

18:10 SGT
Keynote Address: Building Online Communities to Counter Disinformation
Eliot Higgins, Founder of Bellingcat

If we want a more sustainable and widespread approach to countering disinformation, we need to think in terms of building communities and empowering individuals to make a difference. Eliot shares his vision for Bellingcat, where it came from and its vision for the future.

Live Q&A with Eliot Higgins
Eliot Higgins, Founder of Bellingcat
Irene Jay Liu
, Google News Lab

Agenda: In-Person Summit Sept 20-21

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