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Welcome to the APAC Trusted Media Summit 2023 in Singapore!

This is a fully in-person event. No live-streaming will be provided. 

The entire summit is conducted in English and applies the Chatham House Rule.


All guests ARE REQUIRED to wear given name badges for access to the event venue. 

Event venues:

  1. NTUC Event Spaces 

  2. Google Singapore (location map, breakout rooms map)

17:00 KST
Dinner Reception [OPTIONAL]

Come join us before the summit to network, say hi to old friends and make new ones!

Venue: Google Singapore (Level ?)

*shuttle buses provided at hotel pick-up points to Google Singapore. Check your email for details!

17:10 KST
17:50 KST
Google Keynote
XXXXX, Google
17:50 KST
Opening Keynote “Reframing the Narrative”
17:50 KST
10.10AM - 10.30AM SGT
Country Lightning Talks
  • Thailand 
    Supinya Klangnarong (Founder, Cofact Thailand)
  • Pakistan
    Sofyan Sultan (xxxx, SOCH Fact Check)
  • Bangladesh
    Qaddaruddin Shishir (Editor, AFP Fact-Check)
  • Indonesia
    Wahyu Dhyatmika (Editor-in-chief, Tempo Indonesia)
  • India
    Jency Jacob (Editor-in-chief, BOOM India)
11.00AM - 11.30AM SGT
Coffee Break
11.30AM - 11.35AM SGT
Reboot, Reset, Let’s Go 2024! (Video)
11.35AM - 11.55AM SGT

Counter misinformation fighters are facing fresh challenges from skewed narratives to technological evolution. It’s time to put on a new lens to combat misinformation. How can the community find ways to navigate, adapt, and improve its measures to fix the narrative from tipping the scales and harness the best of technology?

12.30PM - 2.30PM SGT

*Shuttle buses provided from NTUC Event Spaces to Google Singapore. Follow the usherers!

*All sessions after lunch happening in Google Singapore

2.30PM - 3.15PM SGT

BREAKOUT 1 [Bromo]

Building verification work in a fact-checking desert

In markets like Mongolia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Timor Leste, fact-checking has not yet been as established as in other parts of Asia. In Mongolia, the word 'misinformation' doesn't even exist! In this session, we explore the challenges fact-checkers face, from a lack of terminology, reliance on word-of-mouth and speak to fact-checkers working on ground to learn about creative and innovative ways to establish fact-checking in their circumstances.





*tag* Fact-Checking

18:45 KST
Dinner [SHIOK!]
Sunday. Dec 3, 2023:
9.00AM - 9.45AM SGT

*All sessions for the day happening in Google Singapore

3.00PM - 3.30PM SGT 
Closing [SHIOK!]
3.40PM - 6.00PM SGT 
Shuttle buses to airport at 20min intervals
3.00PM - 3.30PM SGT 
AsiaFact Network Inaugural Meeting [Merapi]
[Closed Door]

View our full list of speakers here.

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